Hi nublets!

Many of you will know me, and many of you will not! but for the interest of those who are here and do want to know here’s me!

I started playing games at the youngest possible age when I was at the meagre age of 5! and while I felt like my time should have been spent reading books I spent my time playing tetris and pacman on the Gameboy black and white! funky huh?

Swiftly moving on to my next interest was the computer and boy oh boy was that a brain teaser! My first game was red alert and yes the very first one!… in Dos mode… so starting that game up was like trying to run a marathon for me back in those days!

My first competitive game however all began in Tiberiun Sun which propelled me to the person I am today and jesus did I love that game! Me and my brother reached UK rank #1 and #2 in minimal time and had no trouble at all keeping our places there belonging in prestigious international team [SHARKZ] at the time and known for our build order inventions of the CC and dizzie rushes!

Moving on was of course no other than Counter-strike in 1999 and if I thought I fell in love with Tiberian Sun, then I really had no idea…


team.banana 04/05 – woKLingtoN raZe Mog Kalleh dev xexo Jabz
endzone 05 – woKLingtoN b8z demente miLner onscreen
karnage.cs 05 – woKLingtoN rooser p4k mog raze xexo
team.nuked 05 – woKLingtoN HaxteR wacko sreeves senior gh0ti
esports.edge 05 – woKLingtoN SiL Lyo Boff wilzoo
freethepenguins 06 – woKLingtoN tommi finch neilm zaK
tickLers 06 – woKlingtoN Kenji Sae Suffz MooDy
pType 06 – woKLingtoN pHHil Nyx Silas kdn
TLR 07 – woKLingtoN ExumE DZL ace vacman
IDK 08 – woKLingtoN Sunil Hugzoo Mitchwee KrS
* Mirror 08/09 – woKLingtoN Sunil Hugzoo Tubski KrS
uLtimate 09 – woKLingtoN Hugzoo caLLu Jilo Krs
diamondZ 09 – woKLingtoN Gale cpr f0z KrS
4K 10/11 – woKLingtoN Suffz AaroN Jungleboy Onscreen
Team UK CB/ESL ENC – woKLingtoN


4K lan (Newcastle) 1st 2011- woKLingtoN Suffz Aaron Jungleboy Onscreen
(SAME LAN Poker- Win £120 with £30 buy in vs noobs like onscreen, spk, jungleboy and aaron) CYA LOLOLOL
4K lan (Reading) 4th 2010
Eswc 05 Pre Qualifiers 1st
Eswc 05 UK Finals 5th
IG2 8th
SGL:T 2nd
IG3 2nd
i30 2nd
IG5 4th
SGL:Summer Slam 1st
SLAP Live #16 3rd (groups) 2nd in B tournament
Wired inn 4 1st
Wired out #1 1st
firecore #1 2nd
firecore #2 1st

Then I briefly had a stint in DotA playing for the ENC nations cup for Team UK in 2006 and playing with a few friends in DL pick league 4b!

Before moving on to Heroes of Newerth! Full biography could be read here! 🙂


And now looking at DotA 2 🙂


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